Another close-up view of the face. I’m pretty proud of my final makeup considering it didn’t turn out at all what I had planned when I sat down to work on it. Nonetheless, the overall look with the costume was a lot more photo-worthy than I anticipated.
Here’s a closeup shot of my broke nose bridge and facial wounds. This is was my first use of scar wax/creepy skin and it worked reasonably effectively. I’m definitely looking forward to using it for molding purposes in the future.
Another looming shot of the my Halloween zombie makeup. This one includes my custom-made zombie beanie. I don’t have any great photos of but in the back I used a brain prop to expose my mind!
Here’s a close-up of the reel f/x zombie bite appliance I used. Unfortunately I chose a not quite ideal place and struggled to keep edges down and hidden. Nonetheless I think it came out well considering it was self-applied.
Another photo from my aged Zombie makeup for Halloween. This time I utilized scar wax and latex. It held well considering I wore it for over 8 hours and only required a few touch-ups.
Decaying Dreams & Living Nightmares